Breakfast & Brunch

(served all day)

Chia seed bircher bowl overnight oats with chia seeds, coconut, passionfruit & vanilla labneh (v/n/ve*) £4.95

Toast two slices of Leeds Bread Co-op sourdough with organic butter & honey/marmite/nut butter/homemade jam or marmalade (v/ve*) £2.50

Lemon ricotta pancakes with macerated summer berries (v/n) £6.75

Full Turkish za’atar fried egg, merguez sausage, confit tomato, labneh, cucumber pickle, zhoug, sourdough toast £7.95

Veggie Turkish (swap merguez sausage for grilled halloumi) (v) £7.95

Goat’s cheese cornbread muffin, black beans, roast pepper, avocado & fried egg (v) £7.50
+ merguez sausage, marinated feta, halloumi or chorizo

Bacon or sausage sandwich £3.75

Avocado on toast, with lime, chilli, black beans, feta (v/ve*) £5.95 + poached egg £1

Full English bacon, sausages, fried egg, toast, confit tomatoes, baked herbed mushrooms £7.95
+ homemade baked beans £1.50
+ black pudding £1

Eggs on toast two fried, scrambled or poached eggs on toast (v) £4.25
+ bacon / sausage / avocado / halloumi / chorizo / merguez sausage / beans £1.50
+ mushroom / confit tomatoes / egg £1



Quiche, chorizo & wild boar sausage roll, or goat’s cheese cornbread muffin with a choice of three of today’s salads
(please see counter for display)

Baked ricotta, tomato and peach salad with caramelized almonds (v/gf) £5.50
+ Combe ham £1.50

Chicken salad, grilled chicken, pine nuts, crispy bacon, avocado green goddess dressing, mozzarella, leaves (gf) £7.95

Salad bowl one of each of today’s salads (please see counter for display)(v) £6.50
+ bread & butter £1.50
+ Yorkshire halloumi, marinated feta, grilled chicken, Black Combe ham £1.50



Please see blackboard or ask for today’s soup.
Served with Leeds Bread Co-op sourdough & organic butter £4



Grilled chicken, bacon, lettuce & tomato, avocado dressing £6.95

Merguez sausage, lettuce & peppers £5.95

Cheddar & apple chutney toastie (v) £4.95

Open rye, tomato & ricotta, basil & pine nuts (v/ve*) £4.95

+ any side salad or mug of soup £2.50



Small bowl of today’s soup with bread & butter £2.50

Homemade baked beans on toast with grated cheese (v) £2.50

Cheese or sausage sandwich, apple & crisps £2.75

Mini warm sausage roll & homemade baked beans £2.75

Eggs on toast any way £2.50

Little English: bacon, sausage, toast, egg, beans £4.95

We can also provide any of our meals in smaller portions for children.




North Star Dark Arches
Espresso £1.80
Macchiato £2
Piccolo £2
Americano £2.20
Flat White £2.40
Cappuccino £2.50
Latte £2.50

Note: we heat our milk to around 65C to optimize flavour. Please ask if you like your coffee extra hot!


Tea £2.20
Birdhouse Tea Company loose leaf tea served in an infuser pot (NB remove
infuser to stop tea brewing when desired strength is reached)

English Breakfast; Earl Grey; Dragonwell green; Peace Gardens Tea (Camomile); Chai, Vanilla Rooibos, Yorkshire Rhubarb, Fresh Mint


Hot Chocolate

House hot chocolate: made with our dark chocolate ganache £2.50
Dairy-free hot chocolate: chocolate & almond/soya milk £2.50

Children’s hot chocolate £1

Babyccino or cold milk 50p



Mill Kitchen Smoothies £3.95

Mill Kitchen Cold-Pressed Juices £3.95

Please see blackboard for the smoothie of the month & juice of the month


Milkshakes £3.50
Mini-Milkshakes £2.50
Made with Northern Bloc ice-cream





We stock a great range of craft beers and real ales in our drinks fridge - all produced by independent breweries, the majority in Yorkshire.


We sell some excellent wines by the bottle (note £3 corkage added to labeled shop price). If you prefer to buy by the glass please ask at the counter.

Or please help yourself from our selection of drinks in the fridge


Key: v=vegetarian






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